Shattered, Pieces of Me

And so it has been written,
my world,
so hard it has bitten,
to myself I will keep curled
and into the darkness,
fully I will be submerged

Excruciating rise in fear
rushing wildly like an electrical current
ready to instill a shock so rare
into what was once whole and vibrant
but now a shell, absent, vacant as I glare

Into the mirror feeling lifeless, gasping for air
knowing this burden, heavy to bare
will be forever a weight carried with no room for error
that once fleeting moment, now a glimpse of despair

How can I be blissful , when the future appears so grim
how do I get through this, fear and negativity filled to the brim
shattered across the floor, all hopes for more
pieces of me scattered like a jigsaw
will I ever arise to renew and restore?

-xsimplifyingmymindx  May 2012

The Unknown

I stare at the sky
And can’t help but cry
To know that you are high up somewhere
Instead of being home where you can be near
Hard to bear
Don’t think I have released my full tears
Not yet
Wonder why, that I don’t know

- xsimplifyingmymindx  May 2012 (photo taken by me on the beach with #instagram)


♥ Rest In Peace Avô ♥ my love will never falter through time, you will never be forgotten and so for you I write this…

I don’t want to let go, it’s not your time yet
you keep us together, you won’t let us forget
for even when weak, you could still make us laugh
joking and smiling, flirting with the female staff

you infused a sense of peace
with each breath you released
calming even the heaviest of hearts
easing each ones soul as yours readied to depart

you are a man of great strength, courage, and will
your memory, forever ingrained, will never stand still
your essence will flow through us during tough times, like the wind
and we will remember the great fight you fought, head on, never giving in

you spoke of no worries, not to cry
you were not going far, you’d keep watch from the sky
for the angels have been eagerly awaiting your final transcend
you knew now, you were ready, you have made amends

and so it has been written, your story to full scale,
to the very last moment, in wondrous detail
and you can once again dance without it a dream
bowing out gracefully in your final scene.