If only…

If you only knew what you meant to me
you’d know I couldn’t stop the rain
from washing away the blame
that only you could explain

- xsimplifyingmymindx  May 2012

Hate that I feel like it takes me forever to finish pieces sometimes…I never considered myself a writer and I still definitely don’t.  But when I started writing and was told, wow that was good…it gave me the confidence to continue.  I may not have the most extensive vocabulary and I may not write in the most eloquent way as some of my followers and those I follow do but it’s mine.  It’s MY way of putting it all on “paper” and it feels great!  :)   I can say this though,  I learn a lot from my followers and those I follow and you all inspire me to strive to be a better writer.  I write from my heart and am honored by all who follow me!


So beautiful she was, colorful and bright
Flying so high without a worry or fright
And from underneath in one fell swoop 
She fell broken and wingless
Completely thrown for a loop

No longer felt beautiful but tainted inside
Sadness rushed through her like a landslide
Feeling broken and ugly, rendering useless
How cruel, is this punishment for being so beauteous?

Day after day, in a constant daze
Unable to see through the haze
Her world forever fogged, so she thought
Broken into pieces feeling so distraught

Who could want such tainted pleasure
For they know not what lies beneath her eyes ever
And so she stands alone in the wake of her knowledge
All hope of a happily ever after, she feared, in a blink damaged

Only time can heal such fragile fractures
Collecting the pieces until each one is captured
Until then she will remain broken
Like an empty promise of words left unspoken…

- xsimplifyingmymindx  May 2012

In the end, the hard path is the easy path.
nice guys don’t always finish last, sometimes the nice guy himself is the reason he finishes last… xsimplifyingmymindx

With Wondrous Eyes

The beauty of the ocean,
so wide and vast
The wind in my hair, carelessly blowing past
The sun beating down fresh on my face
The sand between my toes, well in its place

Such serene simplicity lies
Bold blue blustering skies
Waiting watching with wondrous eyes
Answers to curiously culminating whys

I look to the skies, hoping for a sign
To calm my racing heart and mind
For I long to know where you are
To hear your voice, to know you are just fine

- xsimplifyingmymindx  Apr 15 2012

It Has Been Written

I don’t want to let go, it’s not your time yet
you keep us together, you won’t let us forget
for even when weak, you could still make us laugh
joking and smiling, flirting with the female staff

you infused a sense of peace
with each breath you released
calming even the heaviest of hearts
easing each ones soul as yours readied to depart

you are a man of great strength, courage, and will
your memory, forever ingrained, will never stand still
your essence will flow through us during tough times, like the wind
and we will remember the great fight you fought, head on, never giving in

you spoke of no worries, not to cry
you were not going far, you’d keep watch from the sky
for the angels have been eagerly awaiting your final transcend
you knew now, you were ready, you have made amends

and so it has been written, your story to full scale,
to the very last moment, in wondrous detail
and you can once again dance without it a dream
bowing out gracefully in your final scene.

-xsimplifyingmymindx Apr 10 2012 (reposted)

I Lay Awake at Night

To sleep to sleep
What does that mean

It creeps and creeps
Yet still I fight dreams

My phone is my paper
My finger my pen

Typing every word that is had
Flowing out of my mind like they’re mad

Only then once released
Can I lay in real slumber
Having completed my piece

-xsimplifyingmymindx Apr 15 2012

♥ I am and always will be a Beautiful Disaster…♥

♥ I am and always will be a Beautiful Disaster…♥