Trying out Miss Jessie’s… Let’s see how my hair turns out #longhairdontcare #missjessies #pillowsoft #curls #beauty Anyone ever try this?

Trying out Miss Jessie’s… Let’s see how my hair turns out #longhairdontcare #missjessies #pillowsoft #curls #beauty Anyone ever try this?


So beautiful she was, colorful and bright
Flying so high without a worry or fright
And from underneath in one fell swoop 
She fell broken and wingless
Completely thrown for a loop

No longer felt beautiful but tainted inside
Sadness rushed through her like a landslide
Feeling broken and ugly, rendering useless
How cruel, is this punishment for being so beauteous?

Day after day, in a constant daze
Unable to see through the haze
Her world forever fogged, so she thought
Broken into pieces feeling so distraught

Who could want such tainted pleasure
For they know not what lies beneath her eyes ever
And so she stands alone in the wake of her knowledge
All hope of a happily ever after, she feared, in a blink damaged

Only time can heal such fragile fractures
Collecting the pieces until each one is captured
Until then she will remain broken
Like an empty promise of words left unspoken…

- xsimplifyingmymindx  May 2012

Shattered, Pieces of Me

And so it has been written,
my world,
so hard it has bitten,
to myself I will keep curled
and into the darkness,
fully I will be submerged

Excruciating rise in fear
rushing wildly like an electrical current
ready to instill a shock so rare
into what was once whole and vibrant
but now a shell, absent, vacant as I glare

Into the mirror feeling lifeless, gasping for air
knowing this burden, heavy to bare
will be forever a weight carried with no room for error
that once fleeting moment, now a glimpse of despair

How can I be blissful , when the future appears so grim
how do I get through this, fear and negativity filled to the brim
shattered across the floor, all hopes for more
pieces of me scattered like a jigsaw
will I ever arise to renew and restore?

-xsimplifyingmymindx  May 2012

With Wondrous Eyes

The beauty of the ocean,
so wide and vast
The wind in my hair, carelessly blowing past
The sun beating down fresh on my face
The sand between my toes, well in its place

Such serene simplicity lies
Bold blue blustering skies
Waiting watching with wondrous eyes
Answers to curiously culminating whys

I look to the skies, hoping for a sign
To calm my racing heart and mind
For I long to know where you are
To hear your voice, to know you are just fine

- xsimplifyingmymindx  Apr 15 2012

I want to know if you can see beauty, even when it’s not pretty, every day, and if you can source your own life from its presence. — Oriah
Taken with instagram

Taken with instagram

Taken with instagram

Taken with instagram

Afremov RAIN OF LOVE by *Leonidafremov

Afremov RAIN OF LOVE by *Leonidafremov

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