So beautiful she was, colorful and bright
Flying so high without a worry or fright
And from underneath in one fell swoop 
She fell broken and wingless
Completely thrown for a loop

No longer felt beautiful but tainted inside
Sadness rushed through her like a landslide
Feeling broken and ugly, rendering useless
How cruel, is this punishment for being so beauteous?

Day after day, in a constant daze
Unable to see through the haze
Her world forever fogged, so she thought
Broken into pieces feeling so distraught

Who could want such tainted pleasure
For they know not what lies beneath her eyes ever
And so she stands alone in the wake of her knowledge
All hope of a happily ever after, she feared, in a blink damaged

Only time can heal such fragile fractures
Collecting the pieces until each one is captured
Until then she will remain broken
Like an empty promise of words left unspoken…

- xsimplifyingmymindx  May 2012

#unknown #reality #realizations #life #ataloss (Taken with instagram)

#unknown #reality #realizations #life #ataloss (Taken with instagram)